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Teachers Reading in the Summer

At this time of year, many groups and organizations ask “What’s on Your Summer Reading List?”

We know that many educators assigned reading this summer, and our hope is that many of you have also identified some books you want to read yourselves!

The following resources from NCTE and ReadWriteThink.org provide some suggestions for summer reading for educators.

The author of “Summer Reading: A Reflection” recounts her family’s summer reading, which gave her a chance to talk with her children about books and, ultimately, about life.

The Teacher to Teacher column in English Journal invited teachers to respond to the question, “What Work of Adult Fiction or Nonfiction Do You Recommend to Other Teachers for Summer Reading?

Reading for Fun” includes three teachers’ reflections on their personal reading lives and the reading instruction they provide to students.

For several years the editor of “TYCA to You” compiled annual summer reading lists. The editor states that the reading suggestions “span time and content in ways only voracious readers can.”

A study investigated the relationships between five junior high school teachers’ instructional approaches to literature in “Teachers Reading/Readers Teaching: Five Teachers’ Personal Approaches to Literature and Their Teaching of Literature.”

When adults and teens read the same book, that shared experience can spark important conversations that might not happen otherwise. Tune in to hear about eight novels that all focus in some way on teens and their complicated relationships with family members, peers, and the larger world.

What is on your reading list this summer? Why? What titles are you recommending to others? Let us know!