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Spending Time with Family

The holiday season is here, which usually means spending time with family. Listen in to this podcast episode as host Emily Manning discusses some heartwarming books about families. If you are spending time with family over winter break, in person or virtually, work together on these activities:

Create a Game: Playing board games or card games can be a fun activity, so why not make your own?

Play Bingo! Work together, create a bingo board that can be played while walking around town, going to the zoo or a museum, or traveling on a vacation.

Write Letters to Friends and FamilyInvite young adults to write letters to classmates, postcards from travels, and e-mails to family and friends.

Recording Family Stories: Teens can take part in the process of building family histories by recording the stories, or memoirs, of family members.

Creating Family TimelinesChildren can interview family members and make an illustrated timeline of the most important family events and memories.

What are some other family favorites?