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Blog Posts on Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement through Poetry, by NCTE’s Standing Committee on Global Citizenship

Promoting Civic Engagement through Inquiry-Based Personal Narrative, by Brittany Collins

Resolve to Strengthen Your Civically Engaged English Teaching with the NCTE Citizenship Campaign, by NCTE’s Standing Committee on Global Citizenship

Teaching Supreme Court Cases Using Young Adult Literature, by Cody Miller

Where Civics Meets Literacy: The Digital Democratic Dialogue (3D) Project, by Nicole Mirra


Blog Posts on Community and Civic Engagement

Classroom Support for Future Changemakers, by Rebecca Marsick

Serving on a School Board Matters. Engaging the Community in This Work Matters More. by Susan Ellenberg

Teaching Students to Value Literacy through Public Engagement, by Ashley J. Holmes


Blog Posts on Civic Life

Learning from Successful Challenges against Book Bans in 2022, by Cody Miller

“The Battle over Books Is a Battle over Democracy. We Can Win Both.” by Cody Miller


Blog Post on Civic Education

POST TRUTH? POST TRUST? Why Students Really Need a Civics Education, by Susan Ellenberg


Blog Post on Civic Reasoning

The Essential Work of English Language Arts—and ELA Teachers—in Our Democracy, by Dana Maloney


Blog Post on Political and Civic Engagement

Teachers and Political Engagement, by Ann D. David