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Top Ten Online Classroom Tools Visited on in 2014

Top Ten On Smartphone Shows Selected RankingIf you use online learning in your classroom, this list is for you. hosts tons of resources for teachers but you may not know about our popular student interactives.

Interactives are web-based tools that students can use to learn about language, to organize, summarize, and analyze, or to write and print poetry or prose. These tools span all grade levels-from word play games for kindergartners to graphic organizers for high school students.

These were the most-used interactives of 2014. Pages for these tools include related lesson plans and other resources that will help you try them out:

  1. Timeline(K – Gr. 12)
  2. Trading Card Creator(Gr. 3 – 12)
  3. Printing Press(K – Gr. 12)
  4. Comic Creator(K – Gr. 12)
  5. Cube Creator (Gr. 3 – 12)
  6. Acrostic Poems(K – Gr. 12)
  7. Letter Generator(K – Gr. 12)
  8. Persuasion Map(Gr. 3 – 12)
  9. Theme Poems (K – Gr. 5)
  10. Venn Diagram (K – Gr. 12)

Don’t see something that fits your classroom? You can find even more online tools on the ReadWriteThink site. Visit the student interactive section of ReadWriteThink site for many more options.

Did you know that we also have Mobile Apps? As always, if you have feedback or questions about ReadWriteThink, all you have to do is contact us.