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Use Your Words

BestPartofTeachingisStoriesKimberly Feldman wrote in the NCTE Connected Community Education Policy Forum 

“Teachers often feel powerless and demoralized in the face of education “reform” that redefines their work in ways contrary to their understanding of best practice and the needs of their students. However, some are beginning to find their voices and resist.”

Steve Zemelman responded

“I host a website/blog, , that might be useful to you and to your students. As you’ll see, my approach is this: while the most outspoken teachers …directly take on the detractors of our profession, it’s also important for teachers to tell the positive stories of their work, so that the public better understands the value of public education and how it helps our children grow. And it counters the negative narrative that’s so prevalent.”

HavingOthersValidateMyStoriesHasChangedMEWe’re listening! Tell your stories.