#NCTEchat 3.15.15 at 8pm ET: Advocate for Literacy - National Council of Teachers of English
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#NCTEchat 3.15.15 at 8pm ET: Advocate for Literacy


Q1: What are the organizational conditions that support powerful literacy learning for which we need to advocate? #NCTEchat

Learn: Read more on the Literacy in Learning Exchange.
Act: Add your thoughts to this Ideascale project.

Q2: When we advocate for literacy, whom do we want to persuade to take action? #NCTEchat

Learn: Review these tips for sharing your views with policy makers.
Act: Reach out to your local, state, or federal lawmakers.

Q3: What kinds of advocacy are you doing from which others committed to powerful literacy education could learn? #NCTEchat

Learn: Advocacy looks like lots of things, check out some strategies here.
Act: Share your stories about assessment, we’ll make sure they’re heard!

Q4: What could @NCTE and @NCLE do to support your advocacy for literacy education? #NCTEchat

Learn: Read the 2015 NCTE Education Policy Platform.
Act: Share your suggestions in the comment box below.

Q5: What’s one thing you could commit to do during @NCTE Advocacy Month to advocate for literacy? #NCTEchat

Learn: Check out our advocacy pages on the NCTE website.
Act: We’ve got a whole calendar full of suggestions!