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Go Local!

I’m sure you’ve seen the signs and heard the messages to eat local, shop local, buy local. Like Barbara Kingsolver, you may have tried to do all these. But have you taken advantage of NCTE-local?

NCTE has nearly 70 affiliates located in states and provinces, counties and parishes, in larger areas within states, and in regions across states. These mini-NCTEs work locally to support literacy learning. They provide opportunities for members to connect, collaborate, and learn together through online Graphic_173425039_Gears_Peoplediscussions, newsletters, journals, and meetings.

For example,

NEATE, the New England Association of Teachers of English, hosts #NEATEchat on the third Thursday of the month and their website hosts online discussion forums like this one on boys and reading.

The Illinois Association of Teachers of English (IATE) sponsors a state student prose and poetry competition and limits entries to students of member teachers. IATE also administers a Speakers’ Bureau.

Check out the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA) user-friendly website. Educators can turn to this resource for censorship issues/support, legislative updates, position statements, and information on publications: Ohio Teachers Write, the award winning Ohio Voices, and the award winning OJELA. Also, find the link to the free public legislative list-serve that provides current updates on issues that are linked to our schools.

Interested in an unconference? If so join KATE (Kansas Association of Teachers of English) this summer in Topeka on Wednesday, July 15.

Go local with an affiliate in your area!