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The 100th Day of School

100The 100th day of school is celebrated in schools around the country, usually in the month of February. Students can enjoy a break from the normal routine as they practice math skills using games and activities based on the number 100:

Have the class work as a whole and in small groups to create a class “100th Day” book. First, have students break into small groups to brainstorm a list of possible topics for the book. Some possibilities include:

  • 100 poems
  • 100 ways to improve the Earth (our school, etc.)
  • 100 people who changed history

Each group should nominate one idea to be considered by the whole class. Have the class vote on their favorite topic, brainstorm specific ideas, and then create a book based on this topic. Proudly display your book in your classroom or school library!

Students write descriptions of 100th day bottles they create at home, write clues about their bottles for a guessing game, practice descriptive writing, and create a class book in the lesson plan “Descriptive Writing and the 100th Day of School”.

After reading two math-related books, as described in “Exploring Sets through Math-Related Book Pairs”, students investigate their home and school environments to find examples of objects that come in sets and then create their own books on sets.

Living the Dream: 100 Acts of Kindness” provides the “action piece” for any study of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In this project, students participate in Dr. King’s dream by doing 100 acts of kindness.

Students explore how their problem-solving strategies work by writing in math journals as they work in small groups to solve a math puzzle with multiple solutions in “Talking, Writing, and Reasoning: Making Thinking Visible with Math Journals”.

How do you celebrate the 100th Day of School?