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The Top Ten Professional Learning Opportunities from NCTE in 2015

toptenWhat are some of the benefits of Online Professional Learning? You can recharge your teaching, learn new techniques and strategies, and connect with other literacy professionals—all without leaving school or home. The following are the Top 10 Professional Learning Offerings from NCTE in 2015:

  1. Facilitated Online Course: Using Evidence to Inform Teaching & Learning
  2. Web seminar: Writing in Every Content Area
  3. Web seminar: Building Academic Language to Deepen Comprehension and Learning
  4. Web seminar: Close Reading: The Assessment-Instruction Connection
  5. Investigation: Using Evidence to Inform Practice: Feedback and Feed Forward
  6. Web seminar: Argumentation in Writing, Grades 9-12
  7. Web seminar: Connecting Assessment Data to Everyday Instructional Planning
  8. Web seminar: Using Grading and Assessment to Maximize the Online Writing Course Experience–Without Burning Out
  9. Web seminar: Online Writing Course Focuses on Writing, and Isn’t That What We’ve Been Aiming for?
  10. Web seminar: Supporting Adolescent Readers through Classroom-based Assessment

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