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Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!

Portrait of English playwright, William Shakespeare
Portrait of English playwright, William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare’s birthday is celebrated on April 23. Students at every grade level can be involved in activities to celebrate Shakespeare’s birth. The following from NCTE and ReadWriteThink.org provide more resources on Shakespeare.

Elementary students can begin learning about the rhyming structure of a sonnet by listening to and reading this type of poetry. They can also begin practicing with the number of syllables in a line.

Introduce Shakespeare to middle school students through popular culture. Pop culture provides an introduction to Shakespeare’s poetic devices in this lesson, which asks students to explore an excerpt from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Demonstrate to high school students that Shakespeare always remains relevant through modern updates and reworkings. YouTube can help students better appreciate literary details in Shakespeare and learn more about the cultural and aesthetic value of imitation, parody, and irony.

The act of translating Shakespearean text into contemporary language encourages student interest in further study of the text as described in this TETYC article.

Still want more? Visit here to see a collection of resources on Shakespeare from NCTE.