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Join the 2016 Global Read Aloud

read-aloud-hiThe 2016 Global Read Aloud kicks off October 3rd. NCTE member Pernille Ripp created the project in 2010 with a simple goal in mind: one book to connect the world. During a 6-week period, a book that has been selected is read aloud to students. Also, during that time, teachers and students try to make as many global connections as possible. Hear more about GRA from its creator.

Teacher read-alouds demonstrate the power of stories. By showing students the ways that involvement with text engages us, we give them energy for learning how reading works. By showing them how to search for meaning, we introduce strategies of understanding we can reinforce in shared, guided, and independent reading. Read more in this strategy guide from

If you aren’t fully convinced of the merits of a read aloud program, veteran primary teachers Jenifer Katahira and Kathy Egawa provide plenty of evidence, as well as lists of their favorite read aloud titles in this article from Talking Points.

In “Collaborative Read-Alouds: Engaging Middle School Students in Thoughtful Reading” two experienced teacher educators explore the features and benefits of collaborative read-alouds, using crossover picture books, the importance of attending to student voice in contemporary learning environments, and deepening student interactions with texts.

Response Journals: Keeping Students Tuned In during Read-Alouds” provides  concrete examples of how read-aloud can increase classroom community and help students to build background knowledge and improve listening skills.

The author of “Illustrating the Reading Process: The In-Class Read-Aloud Protocol” finds that letting students see his own struggles with reading encourages them to feel greater confidence and eases the way for productive interventions in the process.

How do you do read aloud?