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“Read for the fun of it!”

During the third full week of October, teens will be reading for the fun of it, as hundreds of libraries, schools, and bookstores celebrate Teen Read Week. This year’s theme features a multilingual “Read for the fun of it!” and spotlights all the great resources and activities available to help teens build literacy skills while reading for the fun of it. Library staff and educators are encouraged to leverage this theme to highlight all of the resources and services available to the 22% of the nation’s youth who speak a language other than English at home. Visit these resources from NCTE to support your Teen Read Week activities.

The themed issue for Language Arts, “Multilingual and Multicultural: Changing the Ways We Teach,” invites readers to enter the lives of children and adults through the language they value as they write and talk about their worlds and as they address social inequities associated with language and exclusion.

There is nothing more motivating than to feel you have something to contribute to a group situation. The authors of “Working under Lucky Stars: Language Lessons for Multilingual Classrooms” have used that basic premise to devise activities that teach all students about the connections between languages while highlighting the special expertise that bilingual students can add to such a conversation.

“Lingua Anglia: Bridging Language and Learners” a column in English Journal, seeks to discuss critical, transformative, and powerful ways to support students’ acquisition of Standard English. Narratives, discussions of epiphany and teacher-learning, and culturally relevant and critical suggestions for Standard English support are highlighted. Take a look at the most recent column.

Redesigning Composition for Multilingual Realities argues that students of English as a second language, rather than always being novice English language learners, often provide models for language uses as English continues to spread and change as an international lingua franca.

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