Field Notes: New Brand Identity - National Council of Teachers of English
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Field Notes: New Brand Identity

Dear NCTE members and friends,

What follows is the transcript of this video, which introduces you to a brand new NCTE visual identity. I’m so excited to share this next step in our forward momentum with you!



Hello NCTE. I’m Emily Kirkpatrick, your Executive Director.

On behalf of everyone at the council, it’s an honor to be here today and I want you to know that we see you, we value you, and we care about you.

What we’re unveiling today is a demonstration of these facts.

NCTE has a rich history for standing up to its values, rising to the changing needs of students, and supporting teacher capacity.

We’re advocates for continuous improvement and champions for positive change.

This year we recognized a huge opportunity to reconnect with the values, needs, challenges, and desires of membership. Our goal is to recognize and raise the voices of literacy educators.

We want to enrich each others’ professional experiences through shared connection and collaboration.

We need this now more than ever.

So today I want to let you know that we’ve applied this same forward thinking to our own brand.

Our new brand identity reflects a more modern and technologically advanced organization. It reflects the vibrancy and energy you bring to the profession. NCTE is where literacy educators find their professional home. Moving forward we will lead with our members by putting your stories and accomplishments at the forefront of the council.

You are welcome here.

Your story is our story.

And we look forward to turning the page on this exciting new chapter with you.