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What Happened in Your State This December?

During December, eleven policy analysts published reports about what occurred in California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Virginia.


California: Laurie Stowell described how districts in California are deeming themselves “safe havens” rather than “sanctuary districts” in order to remain eligible for federal funding.

Colorado: Stevi Quate outlined Colorado’s strategic action plan to address teacher shortages, including shortages of English and social studies teachers in rural areas.

Delaware: Zoi Philippakos noted that the Delaware Department of Education requested a waiver for the alternate assessment from the US Department of Education in its ESSA plan.

Idaho: Darlene Dyer reported that Idaho educators were guilty of altering data on state reports.

New Hampshire: Kathy Collins shared that in January, the New Hampshire House will be voting on SB 193, establishing education freedom savings accounts for children 5–20 years of age.

New York: Derek Kulnis noted that New York increased the number of schools participating in the Diversity in Admissions program in order to increase diversity across the city’s schools.

Ohio: Robin Holland highlighted the strengths of Ohio’s ESSA plan, as indicated by two independent evaluations, including that of NCTE Emeritus member Elizabeth Primas.

Oklahoma: Claudia Swisher writes that in the wake of ESSA, Oklahoma changed its course on educator evaluations by adding a professional learning focus, including designing “reflection worksheets for educators to use.”

Virginia: Leila Christenbury posted that Governor Terry McAuliffe requested that the Board of Education reinstate undergraduate teaching majors to address teacher shortages.

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North Dakota: Karen P. Peirce shared that Governor Doug Burgum named the members of the newly formed higher education task force, expected to present its findings to the legislature in 2019.

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Kentucky: Kim Creech analyzed the 505-page Kentucky Pension Bill 102717, describing the impact on current and future teachers.