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Peek inside May Language Arts

The Language Arts children’s literature review team always shares great recommendations for readers. For the May issue, they focus on the ways this genre has evolved. The children’s literature review team is Grace Enriquez, Mary Ann Cappiello, Katie Egan Cunningham, and Erika Thulin Dawes.


Changes in Children’s Literature

The evolution of children’s literature is astonishing. From traditional oral tales to book apps, the field has transformed in myriad ways.

These changes have reflected technological advances in publishing and dissemination, shifts in perceptions about children and societal norms and evolving artistic movements, as well as the interrogation of dominant narratives and a spotlight on marginalized voices. Moreover, these advances require educators to think more deeply and purposefully about the potential children’s literature offers for students’ growth as literate beings.

In the May Children’s Literature Reviews column, we share examples of books that represent how the field has changed and what possibilities are emerging. From hybrid genre formats to interactive apps, these titles synthesize the remarkable development of literature for children and reignites rigorous debate about definitions, processes, and roles of reader, author, illustrator, and text.

For more about Changes in Children’s Literature, check out the full May issue of Language Arts.