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Teachers as Researchers

While I do plenty of pleasure reading in the summer, I also find myself drawn to professional titles. I like to read these types of books in the summer because I have time to slow down, concentrate on what I am reading, or take time to come back to something I need to read again. I often enjoy reading articles and chapters in which teachers researched and learned about a topic they were passionate about, and then read how they took that knowledge into the classroom. The following resources from NCTE show more examples of teachers putting theory into practice.

What Teacher Inquiry Means in Practice

From Teacher to Reflective Practitioner and Researcher: An Interview with Jane Hansen

Teachers as Researchers: Making Sense of Teaching and Learning

Teacher Inquiry for Equity: Collaborating to Improve Teaching and Learning

Becoming a Good Teacher: Struggles from the Swampland

The Power of Teacher Inquiry: Developing a Critical Literacy for Teachers

The Courage to Grow: A Researcher and Teacher Linking Professional Development with Small-Group Reading Instruction and Student Achievement

Co-Learning Agreements in Research and Teaching: Another Approach to Collaboration in Teacher Education

Understanding the Relationship between Research and Teaching

What would you add to this list?