January 2019 #NCTEchat: Librarianship and Language Arts - National Council of Teachers of English
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January 2019 #NCTEchat: Librarianship and Language Arts

Libraries have likely played important roles in our lives as literacy teachers, whether they were libraries in our communities, libraries in our schools, or even libraries in our classrooms. But well beyond being repositories for books, libraries and the librarians who manage them can be windows into all kinds of possibilities for our own learning and that of our students.

In this month’s #NCTEchat, we’ll explore the wonderful things that happen when teachers and librarians collaborate. Join us and hosts Julia Torres (@juliaerin80) and Julie Stivers (@BeSpokeLib) this Sunday, January 16, at 8:00 p.m. ET, to share your own experiences and gather lots of ideas from those of others!


The following questions will be shared, after introductions. Be prepared to share: What brings you to this chat? What are you hoping to take away from conversations about librarianship and language arts? Are you a librarian, language arts teacher, or both?

Q1. What are the benefits of having a school library? What are the consequences of not having one? #NCTEchat

Q2. Do you have a classroom library? If so, how does it work in concert with your school’s library? #NCTEchat

Q3. Is there regular time built into your school’s schedule to visit a library? Why or why not? #NCTEchat

Q4. To your knowledge, what barriers exist to getting students into libraries on a regular basis? What can we do to knock down those barriers? #NCTEchat

Q5. What are some ways librarians and language arts teachers can extend learning beyond the physical walls of the school? #NCTEchat

Q6. How can collaboration between classroom teachers and librarians support language arts students? Share an example of how this has played out in your school. #NCTEchat


We hope to see you there! Be sure to join us by using #NCTEchat.

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