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2019 CCCC Award Winners

During the 2019 CCCC Convention in Pittsburgh last week, we gathered to celebrate the work of CCCC colleagues. Congratulations to all of the recipients of awards at #4C19!


CCCC Research Initiative Grants


“Disciplinarity and Transfer Ten Years Later: A Multi-Institutional Investigation into Student Perceptions of Learning to Write”
Dana Lynn Driscoll, Katherine Field-Rothschild, Roger Powell, Jennifer Wells

“How do Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies Faculty Engage Wikipedia? A Scaled Survey of Attitudes and Uses”
Alexandria Lockett, Matthew A. Vetter

“Building Sustainable Writing Across the Curriculum Programs”
Dan Melzer, Michelle Cox, Jeffrey R. Galin

Electrate Ethnography: Observing and Testing the Composing Processes of Digital and Multimodal Writers”
Scott Sundvall, Katherine Fredlund, Elizabeth Lane, William Duffy

“Teaching Research Differently: Assessing the Efficacy of An Information Literacy-Based Composition Course”
Shevaun E. Watson


CCCC Emergent Researcher Award

“Writing Knowledge Transfer from Basic Writing to Workplace Writing”
Melissa Bugdal

“Making the English-Only Movement: Writing, Scaling, and Resisting Language Policy”
Katherine S. Flowers

“An Ideology of Apologia: Hedging Racial Discourse in Scholarly Conceptions of Critical Pedagogy”
Mara Lee Grayson

“Exploring Practice, Praxis, and Value in Professional Collaborative Writing in Rhetoric and Composition”
Jenna Morton-Aiken, Christina Santana


Richard C. Ohmann Outstanding Article in College English

Laurie Grobman
“‘Engaging Race’: Teaching Critical Race Inquiry and Community-Engaged Projects”
College English
November 2017


Outstanding Book Award

Rebecca Lorimer Leonard
Writing on the Move: Migrant Women and the Value of Literacy
University of Pittsburgh Press

Patrick Sullivan, Howard Tinberg, and Sheridan Blau
Deep Reading: Teaching Reading in the Writing Classroom
National Council of Teachers of English


2019 CCCC/TYCA Editorial Fellowship

College Composition and Communication
Kefaya Diab

Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Series
Sweta Baniya

Forum: Issues about Part-Time & Contingent Faculty
Teigha Mae Vanhester

Teaching English in the Two-Year College
Caitlin Larracey


Exemplar Award

Cheryl Glenn


James Berlin Memorial Outstanding Dissertation Award

Miriam Lizette Fernandez
Tropes of the Nation: Tracing the Colonial Origins of the Matriarchal Figures of Mexican Nationalism

Honorable Mention
Liane Malinowski
Civic Domesticity: Rhetoric, Women and the Space at Hull House 1889-1910


Richard Braddock Award

Deborah Mutnick
“Pathways to Freedom: From the Archives to the Street”
College Composition and Communication
February 2018


Outstanding Dissertation Award in Technical Communication

Julie Collins Bates
Toward an Interventionary Rhetoric for Technical Communication Studies


Technical or Scientific Communication Awards

Best Book

Christa Teston
Bodies in Flux: Scientific Methods for Negotiating Medical Uncertainty
University of Chicago Press

Best Article on Pedagogy or Curriculum

Julie Watts
“Beyond Flexibility and Convenience: Using the Community of Inquiry Framework to Assess the Value of Online Graduate Education in Technical and Professional Communication”
Journal of Business and Technical Communication


Best Article Reporting Historical Research or Textual Studies

Lilly Campbell
“Simulation Genres and Student Uptakes: The Patient Health Record in Clinical Nursing Simulations”
Written Communication


Best Article Reporting Qualitative or Quantitative Research

Lynda Walsh
“Visual Invention and the Composition of Scientific Research Graphics: A Topological Approach”
Written Communication


Best Article on Philosophy or Theory of Technical or Scientific Communication

Jordan Frith
“Big Data, Technical Communication, and the Smart City”
Journal of Business and Technical Communication


Best Original Collection of Essays

Natalia Matveeva, Michelle Moosally, and Russell Willerton (Editors)
Special Issue on Plain Language
IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication


CCCC Chairs’ Memorial Scholarships

Lama Alharbi
Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Leslie R. Anglesey
University of Nevada (not pictured)

Erin Brock Carlson
Purdue University

Charissa Che
University of Utah


Writing Program Certificate of Excellence

Temple University
First Year Writing Program

National University of Singapore
Writing and Critical Thinking Programme
University Scholars Programme

Texas A&M University – Commerce
Writing Program


Indiana University
Composition Program


Tribal College Faculty Fellowship

Rebecca Frost
Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College

Nina Knight
Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College


CCCC Scholars for the Dream

Laura L. Allen
The Ohio State University

Nouf Alshreif
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Sweta Baniya
Purdue University

Ashok Bhusal
The University of Texas at El Paso

Liana Clarke
Florida State University

Christopher Balajadia Garcia
University of Guam

Les Hutchinson
Michigan State University

Charisse S. Iglesias
University of Arizona

Tamara Issak
St. John’s University

Jialei Jiang
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Soyeon Lee
University of Houston

Shewonda Leger
Michigan State University

Eduardo Mabilog
Nevada State College

Charlotte Morgan
Cleveland State University

Bibhushana Poudyal
The University of Texas at El Paso

Sukanto Roy
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Joanna E. Sanchez-Avila
University of Arizona

Karen R. Tellez-Trujillo
New Mexico State University

Landy Watley
Howard University

Hua Zhu
Miami University


Advancement of Knowledge Award

Brice Nordquist
Literacy and Mobility: Complexity, Uncertainty, and Agency at the Nexus of High School and College


Research Impact Award

Derek N. Mueller
Network Sense: Methods for Visualizing a Discipline
WAC Clearinghouse Press


Gloria Anzaldúa Rhetorician Awards

Wilfredo Flores
Michigan State University

Marlene Galvan
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Alejandra I. Ramirez
University of Arizona


Lavender Rhetorics Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship

Book Award 

Melanie Yergeau
Authoring Autism: Authoring Autism: On Rhetoric and Neurological Queerness
Duke University Press

Article Award

Joyce Olewski Inman
“Breaking out of the Basic Writing Closet: Queering the Thirdspace of Composition”
Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture

Dissertation Award
Seth E. Davis
Fierce: Black Queer Literacies of Survival


Stonewall Service Award

Harry Denny


Disability in College Composition Travel Awards

Mary De Nora
Texas Tech University

Rachel Donegan
Middle Tennessee State University

Rachel Herzl-Betz
Nevada State College

Cody A. Jackson
Texas Christian University

Caitlin Ray
University of Louisville

Anne-Marie Womack
Tulane University


Mark Reynolds TETYC Best Article Award

Holly Larson
“Epistemic Authority in Composition Studies: Tenuous Relationship between Two-Year English Faculty and Knowledge Production”
Teaching English in the Two-Year College
December 2018


This year’s #4C19 was amazing! The Call for Proposals for #4C20 is now open. Proposals are due 11:59 p.m. EDT on Monday, May 6, 2019.