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March 2019 #NCTEchat: Leveraging Literacy and Technology for Social Change

Join us this Sunday, March 10, at 8:00 p.m. ET, for our March #NCTEchat on leveraging literacy and technology for social change with host Detra Price-Dennis (@detramichelle) and guests Christopher Lehman (@ichrislehman) and Lalitha Vasudevan (@elemveee). Learn more about this month’s topic below, and be sure to preview the questions!


At this time in our society, civic engagement and social change are being incubated in sociotechnical spaces. The energy that students, teachers, and community activists are generating about equity and access must inform the work we do in literacy education.

The purpose of this #NCTEchat is to explore how literacy teachers can leverage technology for social change. Across the literature, we find examples of classroom teachers linking real-world social issues with digital tools to foster a community of learners who

(a) care about the world around them;

(b) want to learn how others with similar interests are addressing these issues; and

(c) use digital spaces to instigate change to institutional patterns of exclusion.

It is my hope that this chat will provide an opportunity for teachers to share how they center social justice with digital tools in their literacy curriculum to support student inquiry, civic engagement, and community.


The following questions will be shared after introductions.

Q1. What digital literacy practices do your students engage in, and how might they address issues of inequity in society?  #NCTEchat (8:10 p.m.)

Q2. What are some of your favorite apps or platforms to use with students to produce content or explore issues of social change? #NCTEchat (8:20 p.m.)

Q3. How do you address issues of privacy, data ownership, and digital footprints when using technological tools in class? #NCTEchat (8:30 p.m.)

Q4. What barriers get in the way when you try to leverage literacy and technology for social change in your curriculum? What, if anything, could help you address these barriers? #NCTEchat (8:40 p.m.)

Q5. What types of assessments do you find informative for gauging what your students are learning about digital literacies and social change? #NCTEchat (8:50 p.m.)

We hope to see you there! Be sure to join us by using #NCTEchat.

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About the Host

Dr. Detra Price-Dennis is an assistant professor of elementary education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her scholarship explores how to prepare critically conscious teachers who develop curricula that center digital literacies and criticality in sociotechnical spaces. The scope of Price-Dennis’s research involves four interrelated areas: (1) digital literacies curriculum development, (2) culturally responsive pedagogy, (3) developing digital tools for literacy assessment, and (4) multimodal responses to social justice children’s literature.

Dr. Price-Dennis’s work has been published in journals such as The Reading Teacher, English Education, Equity and Excellence in Education, Language Arts, and Reading and Writing Quarterly. Her scholarship and contributions to the field of literacy teacher education have been recognized by her peers. In 2017 Dr. Price-Dennis was honored to receive the AERA Early Career Award for Teaching and Teacher Education as well as the Janet Emig Award from NCTE’s Conference on English Education.