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Read Across America Week

I have seen many posts on social media providing suggestions for books and topics to cover during this week, the Read Across America Week. The Tutu Teacher shared some beautiful visuals along with book suggestions.

Here are those suggestions along with resources from NCTE and on those topics.

Day 1: Read a Book about Immigration

For many educators who teach immigrant children, it is important that the teachers be prepared to help these students adjust to their new surroundings. Read more in this Build Your Stack® post, “Learning about Others, Learning about Ourselves.”

Day 2: Read a Book about a Famous American

In this lesson plan, a classroom biography study is described. Students begin with inquiry and research, summarize and organize their information, and prepare oral presentations to share with the class.

Day 3: Read a Silly Story

Listen to this podcast episode “Irreverently Funny and Worth Reading” which introduces books that will certainly make kids giggle.

Day 4: Read a Book about Different Cultures

Visit this Build Your Stack blog post “Widening Our Lens by Bringing Books from around the Globe into K-12 Classrooms.” Kathy Short shares titles in which students can immerse themselves in a variety of story worlds to gain insights into how people around the world live, feel, and think.

Day 5: Read a Book You Love

Some of the books I love are often found on award-winning lists. Check out the NCTE Charlotte Huck Award® for Outstanding Fiction for Children, Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children, and the Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children for titles to share.

We’d love to hear what books you are sharing with your students this week!