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5 Reasons You Should Join Us at #NCTE19

Learn more about the 2019 NCTE Annual Convention on the convention web page and in the 2019 NCTE Convention Preview. 


With more than 600 sessions to choose from and more than 7,000 fellow educators to meet, you can fit years’  worth of professional learning experiences into just four days this November!

Here’s how:


Customize Your Own PD

To save costs, school districts often have to invest in one-size-fits-all professional development opportunities, but veteran teachers don’t need the same things as newcomers to the field.

Similarly, in our own professional growth we’re not all seeking new learning in the same areas. Perhaps your approach to writing could use an overhaul. Maybe you’re looking for some fresh titles to pair with those you’re required to teach.

Whatever your interest and experience level, there is a full, customized program waiting for you at #NCTE19. Featured keynote speakers and all-attendee events take place at times that don’t conflict with the 600 other concurrent sessions that you will choose from on your own.

The full program will be available this fall, but you can get a sense of the range of sessions typically available by browsing last year’s program here.

Build Your Personal Learning Network

Ask a returning attendee why they’re coming back, and 9 times out of 10 you’ll hear them say, “because this is where I come to find my people.” Everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by teachers who share your passion for reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language.

This common ground leads to lasting friendships that make the NCTE Annual Convention feel like a giant literacy reunion. The ancillary benefits of finding your professional learning network here are many. The friendships and networks made at the Convention lead to cross-country collaborations, co-written journal articles, partner research, and more.

Meet Your Literary Heroes

In our role as teachers, it’s easy to see the books our students read as essential but inanimate objects that simply serve the purpose of furthering their learning. Though we talk about the author’s intent, we usually don’t really “know” the authors.

Except, that is, if you have been to NCTE’s Convention, where you can listen to, talk with, and get books signed by more than 250 of them!

This rich and rewarding access to authors is a hallmark of the event and one that benefits both parties. Some of our most beloved authors say they found their audience through meeting teachers at our Convention, and countless lifelong readers have been born from the singular gift of being handed a book signed by their favorite author.

Give Back to Your Village

Attendees often remark on what a personally rejuvenating experience the NCTE Annual Convention can be, but we know that many, many participants find creative ways to spread that rejuvenation to others when they get back home.

The wealth of books and resources available in the Exhibit Hall often serves as a main source of new material for classroom libraries and giveaways at staff meetings. You can help to bolster the case for days off with a promise to provide a learning session for your colleagues when you return. In this way, these four days of intense learning can have an exponential impact when you approach the experience with your village in mind.

Get Credit for Your Learning

Check with your school or district to see if participation in the Annual Convention can count toward your recertification. We will happily send you a certificate of participation.

Additionally, through a partnership with the University of San Diego, attendees at the Annual Convention can earn graduate credit.

This #NCTE19 Why Attend? page will help you make the case to attend!  



Be sure to join us for a special First-Timers’ Welcome on Friday morning. Veteran attendees will be seated at every table, and they will talk with you about how to get the most out of your convention experience. You won’t want to miss it!