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#WhyIWrite – Tara Hart

This post was written by guest author Tara Hart. 


With 7 days left to the National Day on Writing, we’re sharing a series of reflections from members and professionals who demonstrate why writing is vital to everything we do.


         Tara Hart | New York, NY

I am a lawyer and I write to explain the law.

I conduct legal research and I write based on that research. I synthesize case law, statutes (in particular, the Internal Revenue Code), treasury regulations, Internal Revenue Service written determinations, including revenue rulings, technical advice memoranda, chief counsel advice, and private letter rulings, and other primary and secondary source legal guidance. I write to apply a client’s particular facts to the applicable law.

I abide by CREAC: Conclusion, Rule, Explanation of the Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation is my authoritative guide.

I take notes during calls and meetings, and I transform oral conversations into usable source material. I prepare presentations to demonstrate the capabilities of my firm and my team. I formulate opinions to support positions that clients take on their tax returns and financial statements. I draft reports which support due diligence and tax structuring efforts.

I write to both other lawyers and to non-lawyers, clients and colleagues.  My writing is technical and concise. Although I am not subject to page requirements or word limits and I am not graded on a letter scale, I am judged by my writing. Writing is a vital part of my job and my career, as a whole.


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