July 2020 #NCTEChat – Teaching in the Pursuit of Justice - National Council of Teachers of English
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July 2020 #NCTEChat – Teaching in the Pursuit of Justice

Join us on Sunday, July 19, at 8:00 p.m. ET for an #NCTEchat focused on the book In the Pursuit of Justice: Students’ Rights to Read and Write in Elementary School. The chat will be led by the editor of the book and NCTE Reads host, Mariana Souto-Manning (@soutomanning), along with contributors: Billy Fong (@bfongnyc), Alison Lanza (@realdealmcbeal), Carmen Llerena (@lugollerena), Karina Malik (@Karina21076777), Jessica Martell (@jes_martell), Emma Pelosi (@eapelosi), and Patricia Pion (@pion_patricia).


The following questions will be shared during the Twitter chat:

WARM-UP: Please introduce yourself and tell us your name, location, the grade level you teach, and share some ways you engage in the pursuit of justice through your teaching. #NCTEchat [8:04 p.m.]

Q1: How can NCTE’s statements on students’ rights to read and write—broadly defined—serve as moral compasses to uphold students’ rights in your teaching? How will these inform your future text choices and teaching practice? #NCTEchat [8:10 p.m.]

Q2: #BuildYourStack, #WeNeedDiverseBooks, and #DisruptTexts are powerful hashtags with resources that help us teach In the Pursuit of Justice. What other hashtags, books, or resources would you add? #NCTEchat [8:18 p.m.]

Q3: What challenges are you facing while teaching In the Pursuit of Justice and how do you plan to work through them? #NCTEchat [8:26 p.m.]

Q4: Looking ahead, what images and stories will you center in your curriculum? How will you eliminate damage-centered stories and texts? #NCTEchat [8:34 p.m.]

Q5: What role does joy, love, humanity, and community play in your teaching? #NCTEchat [8:42 p.m.]

Q6: What actions will you implement in your teaching practice from the text In the Pursuit of Justice? Share one immediate action, one short-term action, and one long-term goal. Tag a teacher/friend who will hold you accountable. #NCTEchat [8:50 p.m.]


We hope to see you there! Be sure to join us by using #NCTEchat.

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