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Connecting with Colleagues Is Magical

This post was written by NCTE member Cameron Carter.


NCTE is, and will always be, my professional home. I was introduced to the organization many years ago by my mentor, and I’ve been hooked since. No matter if you teach elementary or college, there is a place, and a space, for you.

For those who have experienced any part of an NCTE Annual Convention, whether in person or online, the feeling is unlike any other. The ability to connect with colleagues from near and far is something magical. Being able to see and interact with someone “live” is so much more meaningful than just a simple retweet via Twitter. I’ve made lasting friendships and connections before, during, and after Convention.

I believe one of the biggest ideals that brings me and others back each year is the passion each member demonstrates for showing up and inspiring their students and colleagues in whatever fashion that looks like for them. Yes, we all may differ in opinion—that’s what helps to challenge our thinking—but the power lies within our purpose to empower change within the organization, our communities, and the world.

Be the change, embrace the connections, and fulfill your teaching heart with everlasting memories. NCTE is, and will always be, my professional home.


Cameron Carter is a first-grade teacher in Worthington Schools, Columbus, Ohio. He is a former elementary NCTE Lead Ambassador and is the elementary liaison for the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA). Twitter: @CRCarter313 




It is the policy of NCTE in all publications, including the Literacy & NCTE blog, to provide a forum for the open discussion of ideas concerning the content and the teaching of English and the language arts. Publicity accorded to any particular point of view does not imply endorsement by the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, the staff, or the membership at large, except in announcements of policy, where such endorsement is clearly specified.

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