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The 2022 African American Read-In

To be recognized as an official African American Read-In Host, it’s easy as I, 2, 3:

  1. Select books, poems, speeches, or other texts authored by African Americans;
  2. Hold your event during the month of February; and
  3. Report results by submitting an African American Read-In Report Card.

The first step is to choose a piece written by an African American author. NCTE has a Resolution on the Need for Diverse Children’s and Young Adult Books.

The African American Read-In Toolkit provides a variety of resources to help support both individual hosts and hosting organizations in implementing and promoting African American Read-In programs. Included in the toolkit are a number of booklists. See this Bookshop link for 2022 recommendations.

If you are looking for professional texts to read, check out these new titles from NCTE.

What are your plans for an African American Read-In?


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