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NCTE Books by Women—Update for 2022

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating recent books from NCTE written or edited by some incredible women.

CoreEmpathy: Literacy Instruction with a Greater Purpose

Christie McLean Kesler and Mary Knight introduce their CoreEmpathy approach and accompanying lessons that are designed to cultivate student empathy while simultaneously developing and deepening student literacy skills. (Grades K–6)

Engaging Grammar: Practical Advice for Real Classrooms (2nd Edition)

Amy Benjamin challenges the idea of “skill and drill” grammar in the second edition of this lively, engaging, and immensely practical guide. (Grades 7–12)

Growing Writers: Principles for High School Writers and Their Teachers

Anne Elrod Whitney explores how the principles defined in NCTE’s Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing position statement can support high school writers and teachers of writing. Principles in Practice imprint (Grades 9–12)

Materiality and Writing Studies: Aligning Labor, Scholarship, and Teaching

Holly Hassel and Cassandra Phillips take an expansive look at the discipline of writing studies, arguing for the centering of the field’s research and service on first-year writing, particularly the “new majority” of college students (who are more diverse than ever before) and those who teach them. CCCC Studies in Writing & Rhetoric (SWR) series (College)

Rhetorics of Overcoming: Rewriting Narratives of Disability and Accessibility in Writing Studies

Allison Harper Hitt explores how rhetorics of overcoming—the idea that disabled students must overcome their disabilities in order to be successful—manifest in writing studies scholarship and practices, and argues that rewriting rhetorics of overcoming as narratives of “coming over” is one way to overcome ableist pedagogical standards. CCCC Studies in Writing & Rhetoric (SWR) series (College)

Special Issues, Volume 1: Racial Literacy: Implications for Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Policy

In this first volume of Special Issues: Racial Literacy, editor Detra Price-Dennis gathers some of the most compelling and practical recent articles across NCTE journals, addressing the importance of racial literacy and its implications for curriculum, pedagogy, and policy. (Grades K–College)

Special Issues, Volume 1: Trauma-Informed Teaching: Cultivating Healing-Centered ELA Classrooms

In this curated collection of recent NCTE journal articles, editor Sakeena Everett presents ideas to help K-college teachers integrate the most up-to-date approaches to trauma-informed teaching into their particular classroom environments. (Grades K–College)

Theater, Drama, and Reading: Transforming the Rehearsal Process into a Reading Process

Judith Freeman Garey shows readers how to transform text from print to interaction, establishing a simple framework for how to read as an actor who builds characters’ lives, a set designer who constructs context, and a director who generates action. (Grades 7–College)

What Works in Grammar Instruction

Deborah Dean’s straightforward approach to teaching grammar in context allows her—and us—to share the excitement and wonder to be found in the study of language. (Grades 9–12)

What Works in Writing Instruction: Research and Practice (2nd Edition)

Using teacher-friendly language and classroom examples, Deborah Dean looks closely at instructional practices supported by a broad range of research and weaves them together into accessible recommendations that can inspire teachers to find what works for their own classrooms and students. (Grades 7–12)

Where Is the Justice? Engaged Pedagogies in Schools and Communities

Valerie Kinloch, Emily A. Nemeth, Tamara T. Butler, and Grace D. Player share their story of working with students, teachers, teacher educators, families, community members, and union leaders to create transformative practices within and beyond public school classrooms. Copublished by Teachers College Press and NCTE (Grades K–College)

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