Field Notes: NCTE's New Vision Statement - National Council of Teachers of English
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Field Notes: NCTE’s New Vision Statement

“As the nation’s oldest organization of pre-K through graduate school literacy educators, NCTE has a rich history of deriving expertise and advocacy from its members’ professional research, practice, and knowledge. Today, we must more precisely align this expertise to advance access, power, agency, affiliation, and impact for all learners.”

—NCTE Vision Statement

At a time when many people find themselves questioning the behaviors of elected leadership on the national political stage, I have been enormously grateful for the elected leadership of our organization. The Executive Committee of NCTE is chosen by our members to set the strategic direction for the Council as a whole, and this is no easy task.

NCTE is home to literacy educators who work with students from early childhood through college. Our understanding of what comprises literacy education is broad and detailed. We prioritize inclusion and equity, which means we make room for many seats at the table and strive to listen to every voice.

This is not work anyone can do alone, and we are so fortunate to be aided in every step by the people your votes put into these leadership roles.

Our history is defined by the critical decisions past executive committees have made that have put us at the forefront of every major advancement in English education since 1911. Our current governing body has helped to move us forward over the last 18 months through efforts that include the launch of a new brand identity, accelerated advocacy efforts, and the creation of initiatives to elevate member voices. But today I am celebrating a new vision for the Council that our leaders shared with members for the first time last Friday.

This vision will serve as a compass for all the work we do over the next five years. It outlines the strong aims—access, power, agency, affiliation, and impact—that undergird the work of the Council and provides a universal message within which all our various constituencies can find guidance.

The subcommittee that crafted this document advocated—and took great time to provide for—all voices having the opportunity to contribute and critique the piece as it evolved, so each word has been touched by the myriad groups, including Sections, Conferences, Standing Committees, Assemblies, Caucuses, and Affiliates, that make up our whole.

I look forward to seeing where this vision leads us together in the months and years ahead, and welcome your insights as you think about how it fits within your own vision for the work of NCTE. I am so proud to lead an organization that believes so strongly in what these words represent.