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2018 Annual Convention Blog Recap

This year’s Annual Convention in Houston, Texas, was an inspired gathering of over 7,000 educators, authors, and exhibitors. With more than 700 sessions, hundreds of author signings, concurrent luncheons, and more, #NCTE18 offered too much for anyone to expect to do it all.

Thankfully we have wonderful authors and members who have taken the time to share both their convention presentation materials and their #NCTE18 experiences through their blogs. We hope you’ll take some time over winter break to look through this roundup from the 2018 Annual Convention and learn with us once again.

If you’ve published a post about #NCTE18 and we missed it, please share it with us on Twitter and we’ll add it to the list!

P. S. We’d be remiss if we didn’t share our recap posts! #NCTE18: Thursday Recap, Friday Recap, Saturday Recap, and Sunday Recap


#NCTE18: #G2Great, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Digging Deeper #1, Digging Deeper #2, Digging Deeper #3, and Decisions by Fran McVeigh

A New Approach to “Teaching the Novel” by Gena Mendoza

What Are We Going To Do? by Maggie Lopez

NCTE: Sparking Hope, Equity, and Voice by Amber Counts

NCTE 2018 Recap by Charles Moore

Three Teacher Talk

A Highlight for @NCTE #NCTE2018 Is Introducing Teachers to the Conference & To Inspirations @ChrisCrutcher and We Are Family! I Got My NWP People and Me! @WritingProject Brunch Today. Woot Woot. by Bryan Ripley Crandall

Cumulus Crandall

Educators Kerry and Sara created a Twitter account (@nctescape) to share their #NCTE18 experience.

#NCTE18 Friday: What Surprised Me, #NCTE18 Write More, Grade Less Presentation Materials, and #NCTE18 Saturday: “Do your work.” by Sarah M. Zerwin

NCTE 2018- The Thing That Made the Problem Won’t Fix the Problem. by Jay Stott

The Paper Graders

Two Traveling Teachers shared book talks from the green couch at #NCTE18

JEA Leaders Emphasize Value of Scholastic Journalism at NCTE Convention by JEA President Sarah Nichols

Journalism Education Association

Reflection on NCTE 2018 by Kyle Jones

The Art of Forgetting

Of Teacher Families and Baked Potatoes: Top 5 Things I Learned at NCTE 2018 by Jeni Gearhart

West Virginia Council of Teachers of English

#NCTE18: All My Groups — IN the House! and IMWAYR: To-Be-Read Pile is Overwhelming After #NCTE18! by Jennifer Sniadecki

Reading Teacher Writes

Reflections on NCTE 2018 by Susan G. Barber

Teach with Class

NCTE: The Ultimate Experience by Jasmine Oguntuga


Complexity in YA by author Randy Ribay

Wonder Wednesday #247 (#NCTE18) by Patrick Andrus


I’m White . . . Now What? Insights on White Privilege, Literacy, Learning and Social Equity by Tamra Dollar

Confessions of a Literacy Coach

NCTE 2018: Raising Student Voice through Blogging, Student Websites, Social Media and Tech Tools by Jennifer Wolfe


In Case You Missed It: 5 Incredible Learnings from NCTE


NCTE 2018 by Lisa Johnson


NCTE 2018: Presentation, Recap and Reflection Part I, Recap and Reflection Part II, Recap and Reflection Part III, and Recap and Reflection Part IV by Samantha Cronin

Samantha Cronin’s Kid Lit Library

I Put in Work and It’s All for the Kids [An NCTE Reflection] by José Luis Vilson

My 6 Take-Aways from NCTE 2018 in Houston, Texas by Ken Lindblom


NCTE 2018: Takeaways from Houston

English With Ms. Lindsey

NCTE 2018 Ah-has and Oh-Yeahs by Paula Bourque

Lit Coach Lady

Other People’s Conferences by Sherri Spelic

Edified Listener

Reflections from NCTE18: Part One and Part Two by Adrian T. Nester

Learning Curve

Kellee and Ricki’s NCTE and ALAN Annual Convention Reflection 2018 by Kellee Moye and Ricki Ginsberg

Unleashing Readers

Poetry, Principals, and NCTE by Sylvia Vardell

Poetry for Children

Empathy Is Not Political: NCTE Presentation on Creating Inclusive Classrooms by Jessica Lifshitz

Crawling Out of the Classroom

Four ACE Teaching Fellows Present at National Conference by Melissa Pavloff

Center for Catholic Education

A Few Highlights from #NCTE18 by Irene Latham

Live Your Poem

NCTE 2018 Reflections by Dana Huff

Huff English

Highlights from #NCTE18 and the Re-entry to Home by Stacey Shubitz

Raising Literate Humans

Live from #NCTE18 by Heidi Mordhorst

My Juicy Little Universe

Presenting at NCTE

Teach Pluralism

Day 1 of #NCTE18: Seeing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Speak by Mark Miazga

Ephiphany in Baltimore

Slice of Life: Raising Student Voice at NCTE 2018 by Margaret Simon

Reflections on the Teche

The NCTE Hope Hangover

The Mrs. Hauptsteen

Continuing to Think about Our Mentor Texts by Melanie Meehan

Two Writing Teachers

Reflections on NCTE: An Open Letter to My Students by Lorraine Magee

Miss Magee’s Reads

Abundance by Julia E. Torres

5 Favorite Things about NCTE: Slice of Life #ncte18 #sol18 and NCTE Haiku: Haiku-A-Day Challenge #10 by Elisabeth Ellington

The Dirigible Plum

Presentation: Reading for Freedom & Identity: Teaching Students to Read Beyond Bias by Jess Lifshitz, Chad Everett, Tricia Ebarvia, and Sara Ahmed

My #NCTE18 #BuildYourStack #classroombookaday Picture Book Recommendations and #NCTE18 #classroombookaday Presentation by Jillian Heise

Heise Reads and Recommends

NCTE: My On-Ramp to Deepening My Teaching Practice by Lauren Nizol

Learning On-Ramps

NCTE2018 by Lisa Johnson


My Week: 10 Truths from NCTE and How a Website Can Be TOO Thorough [Notes from a Working Children’s Writer] by Laura Purdie Salas

Mentors for Rent

NCTE and ALAN Reflection by Lindsay Schneider

#NCTE2018 Recap by Susan G. Barber and Roy Smith

AP Lit Help

Presentation: Writing Ourselves: Bridging the Gap Between HS and College Writing by William Kist, Marissa Ausperk, Margana Dane Fahey, Brittany LaCroix, Erin Spear-Hoffman, and Jessica Starcher

NCTE 2018 Roundup


Revisiting ALAN 2018. It was so Fantastic! by Steve Bickmore

Dr. Bickmore’s YA Wednesday

Conference of Revolution by Scott Jones

Classroom Communities

NWP Is Now Integrated into the NCTE Annual Convention

Red River Valley Writing Project


In case you missed it, the Call for Proposals is now open for the 2019 Annual Convention! Learn more and submit by Wednesday, January 16, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. EST.