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NCTE Professional Books from Leading Latinx Authors and Voices!

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, we’re sharing books and resources from NCTE written by leading Latinx authors and voices!

Bootstraps: From an American Academic of Color details the life of an American of Puerto Rican extraction from his childhood in New York City to an academic post at a university. Villanueva ponders his experiences in light of the history of rhetoric, the English Only movement, current socio- and psycholinguistic theory, and the writings of Gramsci and Freire, among others.

Code-Meshing as World English: Pedagogy, Policy, Performance is a collected volume of original essays, presenting code meshing—blending dialects and languages with standard English—as the better pedagogical alternative to code switching—shifting between dialects or languages in different settings—in teaching literacy to diverse learners.

Community Literacies en Confianza: Learning from Bilingual After-School Programs suggests that after-school programs focused on English learners offer a way for parents, teachers, and volunteers to come together to navigate school systems and the English language, share stories, and work to develop facility in reading and writing across languages.

In Counterstory: The Rhetoric and Writing of Critical Race Theory, humanities scholar Aja Y. Martinez makes a compelling case for counterstory as methodology in rhetoric and writing studies through the well-established framework of critical race theory (CRT).

Cross-Talk in Comp Theory: A Reader; 3rd Edition features eight new essays, including six in the technology section, “Virtual Talk: Composing beyond the Word.”

Going Public with Assessment: A Community Practice Approach share classroom vignettes, strategies, and resources for “going public” with literacy assessment through teacher collaboration with colleagues, with families, and with the community.

In the Pursuit of Justice: Students’ Rights to Read and Write in Elementary School promotes an equitable and inclusive understanding of literacy. Mariana Souto-Manning and her teacher contributors explore how elementary teachers can welcome the voices and languages of their students into their classrooms in their pursuit of reading and writing experiences that showcase children’s skills and practices.

Inside the Subject: A Theory of Identity for the Study of Writing shares a new theoretical approach to the study of writing by fusing key aspects of postmodern theory with the empirical sensibilities of composition studies and with that field’s long-standing investment in writerly agency.

Rhetorics Elsewhere and Otherwise: Contested Modernities, Decolonial Visions is a collection that explores decolonial shifts in composition and rhetoric informed by strategies for potentially decolonizing language and literacy practices, writing and rhetorical instruction, and research practices and methods.

Pick up one of these great titles today!

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