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Celebrate Pride Month with NCTE Resources

June is Pride Month, when cities across the US show support for LGBTQIA rights, culture, and communities. In the late 1970s, NCTE began to chart a path forward by insisting that as an organization we had to have a more substantive focus and concentrated attention on inclusion. Read more about our Legacy of Pride here.

Years ago, NCTE created a Resolution on Strengthening Teacher Knowledge of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Issues at the Annual Convention in New York. 

These NCTE “Guidelines for Affirming Gender Diversity through ELA Curriculum and Pedagogy support ELA educators as they guide their students, as well as their colleagues, to understand, expect, and embrace gender diversity. They present the historical background of this work; key concepts for discussing gender and gender diversity; current trends in schools and ELA classrooms; recommendations for teacher preparation, curriculum, and pedagogy; and resource lists for students, teachers, and teacher educators.

“The more that educators can work to ensure that LGBTQIA topics are the norm, the safer our students feel, and the greater everyone’s opportunities for success.” Read additional suggestions in “More Than Inclusive Lessons and Diverse Books: How Literacy Teachers Can Support LGBTQIA Students.

Teachers as Change Agents: Piloting an LGBTQ Book Club for Middle-Grade Students” describes a close-reading unit which used five queer theory lenses to unpack texts and give students analytical language to discuss questions such as gender norms, identity, and discrimination.

Identity, Community, and Family: What Love, Victor Can Teach Us about Our Classrooms” offers insights into how to imagine our classrooms and teachings as spaces where LGBTQ youth can be affirmed and loved.

Beyond Safe Spaces—A Queer Endeavor Aims to Expand Conversation Around Gender and LGBTQ Youth” shares tips to help educators create more inclusive classrooms for LGBTQ youth.

Building Diverse Collections of LGBTQ-Inclusive Children’s Literature to Expand Windows and Mirrors for Youth” reminds us that diverse depictions are important so that youth do not develop stereotypes that all LGBTQ people look the same, act the same, or experience the world in the same ways.

Find additional resources in this post from 2018.

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