October 2021 #NCTEchat: Teaching LGBTQ History in ELA and Literacy Curriculum - National Council of Teachers of English
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October 2021 #NCTEchat: Teaching LGBTQ History in ELA and Literacy Curriculum

Join us on Sunday, October 17, at 8:00 p.m. ET for an #NCTEchat where NCTE members Ileana Jiménez (@feministteacher) and Danelle Adeniji (@adeniji_xwill lead a conversation on “Teaching LGBTQ History in ELA and Literacy Curriculum.” Both are members of NCTE’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Advisory Committee.

We will share the following questions during the Twitter chat:

WARM-UP: When was the first time you were taught LGBTQ history in a classroom? What was taught and how? #NCTEchat [8:04 p.m.]

Q1: Why as ELA and literacy educators is it important for us to incorporate and teach LGBTQ history? What do ELA and literacy educators need to know in order to teach LGTBQ history? #NCTEchat [8:10 p.m.]

Q2: Scholar @ProfAngelMatos argues that LGBTQ young adult literature can provide readers with “opportunities to refute monolithic understandings of our culture, our history, and our place in time.” How can narratives, real and fictional, teach us about LGBTQ history that is often neglected in school curriculum? #NCTEchat [8:18 p.m.]

Q3: How can we facilitate discussions and understandings of contemporary LGBTQ movements in our classrooms in humanizing ways that don’t solely rely on trauma and oppression? #NCTEchat [8:26 p.m.]

Q4: What books and other texts (such as documentaries, pop culture, etc.) have helped you understand LGBTQ history as an educator and as a person? #NCTEchat [8:34 p.m.]

Q5: How can teaching LGBTQ history also address other historical and contemporary forms of oppression like racism, classism, sexism, and ableism? How do educators honor the legacies and work of BIPOC LGBTQ activists and leaders? #NCTEchat [8:42 p.m.]

Q6: What is one action item you can do in your context immediately to better support LGBTQ youth, families, communities, and educators? How will you do this action item? #NCTEchat [8:50 p.m.]

As you prepare for the chat, visit these NCTE and other resources:

We hope to see you there! Be sure to join us by using #NCTEchat.

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