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NCTE Special Issues: Find Teaching Tips on Pressing Topics—and Consider Contributing!

Most teachers and students across the country are grappling with several important issues. We hear from many educators who are looking for compelling and engaging approaches to racial literacy, critical media literacy, and trauma-informed teaching. NCTE is responding to these needs with Special Issues, a series of books designed to directly address these pressing topics in K–12 and college classrooms today.

The first volumes collect content on these topics from across all of NCTE’s journals in one place, to make the most relevant material accessible and practical. Edited by expert practitioners in the field, each volume contains teaching tips to help implement these approaches in classrooms.

Learn more about the first volumes of Special Issues:

Critical Media Literacy, Volume 1: Bringing Lives to Texts
Edited by Tom Liam Lynch, The New School; member of NCTE Task Force on Critical Media Literacy; director, education policy at The Center for NYC Affairs; editor in chief, InsideSchools

Racial Literacy, Volume 1: Implications for Curriculum, Pedagogy & Policy
Edited by Detra Price-Dennis, Teachers College, Columbia University; coauthor of Advancing Racial Literacies in Teacher Education: Activism for Equity in Digital Spaces (2021)

Trauma-Informed Teaching, Volume 1: Cultivating Healing-Centered Classrooms
Edited by Sakeena Everett, College of Education, University of Georgia; 2019 NCTE Alan C. Purves Award winner

In addition, we’re currently seeking contributions to the next three volumes, which will consist of articles original to each collection. Deadlines are in January 2022. Learn more here! 


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