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VOTE on NCTE Resolutions!

During the Annual Business Meeting held before NCTE’s 2021 Annual Convention in November, members approved the following resolutions:

  • Resolution on Supporting Educators’ Right and Responsibilities to Engage in Antiracist Teaching
  • Resolution on Size-Inclusive Language and Literacy

The entire membership now has the opportunity to review the resolutions and the right to approve them or not. If the membership votes to ratify these resolutions, they will become official NCTE positions. NCTE refers to and uses its many position statements to bring the latest thinking and research together to help define best practices, offer guidance for navigating challenges, and provide an expert voice to back up the thoughtful decisions teachers must make each day. NCTE’s position statements represent the voices of its members, reflect its values, and declare to the world what it believes.

NCTE is therefore asking each of its members to take a few minutes to vote. We rely on your experience as a literacy educator to help set resolutions that will benefit all members and their students. Your vote matters and is needed: at least 10% of NCTE’s membership must vote in order for a resolution to be ratified. Members have a maximum of 30 days to vote as mandated by the NCTE Constitution.

Members were sent emails on January 11, 2022 outlining the background, resolved statements, and brief pro and con summaries for each resolution. Members vote for just the resolutions; the background and pro and con summaries are informational. NCTE members who have not yet voted will receive additional emails ahead of the voting deadline on Thursday, February 10, with a link that will take them to the texts and voting buttons.

Thank you for sharing your opinion and helping us ensure that our resolutions reflect the sentiments of thousands of Council members.