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Become a Part of NCTE’s Story—Submit an Award Nomination Today!

NCTE’s awards tell the story of excellence in literacy education. The stories of the individual leaders receiving our awards illustrate a high level of expertise and dedication to students and our profession—and commitment to building a better world.  

NCTE offers many awards, spanning a wide range of categories within the field of literacy education. Every award is judged by a panel of literacy educators—members of our NCTE community who are eager to recognize the excellence present in the field. The award application process for many awards takes only a few minutes to submit after requested information is gathered, and we encourage applicants at all levels, preK through university. Many of our awardees receive national recognition at the NCTE awards ceremony held every fall as well as other recognition and support. 

Are you ready to contribute new stories of excellence in literacy education? Do you have a colleague whose story and body of work deserves national recognition? Submit your nominations for our awards today! A full listing of awards, criteria, and deadlines can be found on the Awards homepage, with different categories such as the NCTE Leadership Awards available for refined searching. Contact us at if you’d like to periodically receive information about NCTE’s awards.  

Nominate the leaders you admire. Together, we will create new narratives that center excellence.