NCTE Statement on Pending Rulings from the US Supreme Court - National Council of Teachers of English
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NCTE Statement on Pending Rulings from the US Supreme Court

This statement was written by the NCTE Presidential Team.


In light of the US Supreme Court’s forthcoming rulings, including the future of affirmative action, NCTE continues to work on behalf of students and educators, their individual agency, and their ability to engage in learning opportunities that are meaningful to them. We believe that all students deserve a quality education, and historical gaps and opportunities play significant roles in the access students have. Regardless of the Court’s decision, NCTE will continue to provide high-quality professional development opportunities, research-based public stances, mentorship, and many forms of outreach that guide schools, teachers, families, and communities to support myriad student pathways for literacy and learning. These longstanding commitments of NCTE guide how we have supported generations of teachers and students and how we will continue to do so.


María E. Fránquiz, President
Shelley Rodrigo, President-Elect
Tonya B. Perry, Vice President
Valerie Kinloch, Past President
Antero Garcia, Vice President-Elect
Emily Kirkpatrick, Executive Director