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NCTE Texts and the 2024 African American Read-In

During February, the month of the African American Read-In, we continue our theme of spotlighting connections with thoughtful NCTE texts.



Classroom Design for Student Agency: Create Spaces to Empower Young Readers and Writers by Lynsey Burkins and Franki Sibberson

Learn how to set up preK-grade 6 classrooms that support student agency, independence, and choice.




Restorying Young Adult Literature: Expanding Students’ Perspectives with Digital Texts by James Joshua Coleman, Autumn A. Griffin, and Ebony Elizabeth Thomas

The authors spotlight how teachers and students can use digital tools and technologies to reread, rewrite, and restory YA literature.




Transformational Sanctuaries in the Middle Level ELA Classroom: Creating Truth Spaces for Black Girls by Dywanna E. Smith
Smith offers culturally sustaining pedagogies for ELA middle level classrooms that help students address and counteract discrimination, colorism, sizism, and body shaming.





Critical Race English Education: New Visions, New Possibilities by Lamar L. Johnson

Johnson’s visionary and much-needed book is a call for the transformation of English education to embrace rather than reject Blackness.





Linguistic Justice: Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy by April Baker-Bell

Bringing together theory, research, and practice to dismantle anti-Black linguistic racism and white linguistic supremacy, this book provides ethnographic snapshots of how Black students navigate and negotiate their linguistic and racial identities across multiple contexts.



Reading and Teaching with Diverse Nonfiction Children’s Books: Representations and Possibilities by Thomas Crisp, Suzanne M. Knezek, and Roberta Price Gardner (eds.)

This edited volume brings together ongoing professional conversations about diverse children’s books and the role and function of nonfiction and informational text in K–8 classrooms.




Toward a BlackBoyCrit Pedagogy: Black Boys, Male Teachers, and Early Childhood Classroom Practices by Nathaniel Bryan

Drawing on Black Critical Theory and Black Male Studies, and applying portraiture methodology, Bryan explores experiences of Black boys and their male teachers in ways that affirm their humanity and acknowledge the consequences of existing in a white supremacist system.




Toward Culturally Sustaining Teaching: Early Childhood Educators Honor Children with Practices for Equity and Change by Kindel Turner Nash, Crystal Polite Glover, and Bilal Polson (eds.)

This book shares the stories of four teacher-teacher dyads who worked together across university-school contexts to study, generate, and evaluate culturally relevant and sustaining literacy practices in early childhood classrooms across the country.



Where Is the Justice? Engaged Pedagogies in Schools and Communities by Valerie Kinloch, Emily A. Nemeth, Tamara T. Butler, and Grace D. Player

The authors share their story of working with students, teachers, teacher educators, families, community members, and union leaders to create transformative practices within and beyond public school classrooms.



Special Issues, Vol. 2: Racial Literacies Informed by the Sociopolitical and Sociocultural Contexts for Youth by Ayanna F. Brown (ed.)

With this collection of original essays, editor Ayanna F. Brown helps to push the field of racial literacy into new directions, to avoid niceties and other pitfalls, to get to the heart of racial understanding, to better respond to the needs of our students and society.


Thanks for checking out these NCTE texts!

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