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NCTE publishes eleven professional journals, including at least one for each membership section. Volunteer editors ensure that the peer-reviewed content is of the highest quality and is relevant to the professional lives of NCTE members and subscribers. Because these journals are all published through different volunteer editors, the submission guidelines vary:

College Composition and Communication (Malea Powell, editor)

College English (Melissa Ianetta, editor)

English Education (Tara Star Johnson, editor; Melanie Shoffner, incoming editor)

English Journal (Toby Emert and R. Joseph Rodríguez, coeditors)

English Leadership Quarterly (Elaine Simos, editor)

 FORUM: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty (Amy Lynch-Biniek, editor)

Language Arts (Wanda Brooks, Jonda McNair, and Kelly Wissman, coeditors)

Research in the Teaching of English (Gerald Campano, Amy Stornaiuolo, and Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, coeditors)

Talking Points (Patricia Paugh and Sherry Sanden, coeditors)

Teaching English in the Two-Year College (Holly Hassel, editor)

Voices from the Middle (Sara Kajder and Shelbie Witte, coeditors)

ReadWriteThink offers free, high-quality lesson plans written by everyday educators as well as experts in the field of English education.

The NCTE Village is a new initiative designed to celebrate and elevate the stories, experiences, and wisdom of our members. You can submit a story or a short quote for sharing on the site.

Literacy & NCTE welcomes submissions of original pieces from NCTE members on a variety of topics that impact teachers and students.