January 2022 #NCTEchat: Teachers as Readers—What’s in Your Stack Personally and Professionally? - National Council of Teachers of English
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January 2022 #NCTEchat: Teachers as Readers—What’s in Your Stack Personally and Professionally?

Join us on Sunday, January 16, at 8:00 p.m. ET for an #NCTEchat in which NCTE members Islah Tauheed (@izzieteaches) and Deborah Vriend Van Duinen (@debvanduinen) will lead a conversation on “Teachers as Readers—What’s in Your Stack Personally and Professionally?” Both were contributors to NCTE’s most recent position statement, “Recognizing Teacher Experts and Their Paths to Expertise.”

We will share the following questions during the Twitter chat:

WARM-UP: What was your favorite text of 2021? #NCTEchat [8:04 p.m.]

Q1: The NCTE position states that teachers are experts who make “a commitment to intentional professional growth that is sustained over time and years of practice (in and beyond their classrooms).” What have been your favorite professional books? #NCTEchat [8:10 p.m.]

Q2: As we understand our responsibility as educators to dismantle oppressive structures and to provide support, in particular, for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color teachers and students, “Who are some BIPOC teacher experts and/or authors who have informed your learning? #NCTEchat [8:18 p.m.]

Q3: As mentioned in the statement, sustainability is key to becoming a teacher expert! How do you sustain your reading life? When do you read? How do you make time for reading? #NCTEchat [8:26 p.m.] 

Q4: Show what you know! How do you most often share your expertise? #NCTEchat [8:34 p.m.]

Q5: “The educational field must recognize their essential role in supporting and sustaining teacher experts within the community.” What kind of support from your school, district, or institution would be helpful to you in your personal or professional development? #NCTEchat [8:42 p.m.]

Q6: What role could NCTE play in helping you grow your personal and professional reading stack? #NCTEchat [8:50 p.m.]

As you prepare for the chat, visit these NCTE and other resources:


We hope to see you there! Be sure to join us by using #NCTEchat.

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