Standing in Solidarity with Uvalde, Texas - National Council of Teachers of English
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Standing in Solidarity with Uvalde, Texas

Without question, our hearts are breaking, yet again, because of the violence experienced by teachers, administrators, students, and families in Uvalde, Texas, and by our NCTE members, friends, and communities across the country and around the world. Killing students and teachers should be inconceivable. Murdering the innocent, in what should be a sacred place of learning, discovery, exploration, joy, and community, is simply beyond comprehension. As dedicated teachers and researchers, parents and family members, and caring human beings, we at NCTE denounce violence of any kind, especially in schools.

Unfortunately and painfully, we know that horrific crimes continue to be on the rise. We also know that the reality of violence and danger that invades our schools, grocery stores, and places of worship must end through necessary, effective, and equitable policy changes that protect us all. NCTE remains fully committed to our ongoing fight for justice. We will always support our members, nurture teachers and students, and advocate for all of our well-being in any way we can.