August 2022 #NCTEchat: #BuildYourStack for Back to School - National Council of Teachers of English
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August 2022 #NCTEchat: #BuildYourStack for Back to School

Join us on Sunday, August 21, at 8:00 p.m. ET for an #NCTEchat focused on texts and going back to school. The chat will be hosted by NCTE members and Build Your Stack® committee members Jen Vincent (@jvincentwrites) and Carrie M. Santo-Thomas (@CMSThomas).

We will share the following questions during the Twitter chat:

WARM-UP: Please introduce yourself! Share any personal information you’re comfortable sharing (e.g., name, pronouns, location, position). #NCTEchat [8:04 p.m.]

Q1: Welcome! It’s back-to-school time! We’re thrilled that you’re here! Let’s start by checking in with ourselves. Caring for the reader in you is important! On a scale of 1 to 10, how are you doing right now as a reader and why? #NCTEchat [8:11 p.m.]

Q2: Summer is often a time to explore and/or nurture our reading lives. What are some things you’ve done to nurture yourself as a reader or storyteller? What have you been reading lately? What is on your TBR (to-be-read) list? #NCTEchat [8:18 p.m.]

Q3: Now, let’s think about nurturing students as readers. What are some ways your experiences as a reader this summer will impact how you support readers in your classroom? #NCTEchat [8:25 p.m.]

Q4: Zooming out a bit, from a big-picture perspective, what are three intentions you have for growing a culture of readers in your classroom this year? #NCTEchat [8:32 p.m.]

Q5: What titles will you display in your space? What will be your first titles to book-talk or read aloud with your scholars this year? What did you consider in choosing these texts? #NCTEchat [8:39 p.m.]

Q6: What are some other forms of storytelling you will include in your curriculum this year (e.g., poetry, blogs, television series, podcasts, movies, albums). What titles excite you and why? #NCTEchat [8:46 p.m.]

Q7: We hope this has been a chance to reflect on your reading life and how it intersects with nurturing student readers. What is one thing you’ll commit to in order to care for yourself as a reader alongside students this year? #NCTEchat [8:53 p.m.]

We hope to see you in the chat! Be sure to join us by using #NCTEchat.


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