CEL - National Council of Teachers of English

Literacy Communities as Sites of Reckoning and Repair

2023 CEL Annual Convention
November 19–21, 2023
Columbus, OH

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CEL 2020 Vision: By the year 2020, CEL will establish itself as the agent of leadership development in literacy education.

CEL Mission: The Conference on English Leadership fosters an intimate professional community dedicated to building the leadership capacity of literacy educators.

CEL Initiatives:

  • Invigorate our sense of CEL as an intimate professional home for literacy leaders.
  • Reconnect with department chairs.
  • Mentor and support emerging leaders.
  • Develop a deep understanding of our members’ needs and capacities.
    (Collect and share data to analyze interests and meet the needs of our members)
  • Assist leaders in understanding and responding to issues and trends in literacy education.