CEL - National Council of Teachers of English

LEADERSHIP matters; Leadership MATTERS

2024 CEL Annual Convention
November 24–26, 2024
Boston, MA

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CEL 2020 Vision: By the year 2020, CEL will establish itself as the agent of leadership development in literacy education.

CEL 2028 Vision: By 2028, CEL will distinguish itself as an innovative, evolving literacy leadership organization that meets the dynamic needs of its diverse membership.

CEL Mission: The Conference on English Leadership fosters the development of literacy leaders dedicated to building socially inclusive, equitable, and diverse opportunities and outcomes for the communities they serve.

CEL Initiatives:

  • Affirm CEL as the professional home and place of belonging for literacy leaders.
  • Recognize and redefine the work of literacy leadership.
  • Create a network of literacy leaders, teacher-leaders, and educational advocates.
  • Cultivate, mentor, and support emerging and veteran leaders.