Promising Researcher Award - NCTE

NCTE Promising Researcher Award Recipients


Ryan Schey, Auburn University
Youths’ Choices to Read Optional Queer Texts in a High School ELA Classroom: Navigating Visibility through Literacy Sponsorship

Tracy T. Flores, University of Texas at Austin
Cultivando La Voz Mujer: Latina Adolescent Girls and Their Mothers Rewriting Their Pasts and Imagining Their Futures

Cati de los Ríos, University of California, Davis
Toward a Corridista Consciousness: Learning From One Transnational Youth’s Critical Reading, Writing, and Performance of Mexican Corridos

Lamar Johnson, Michigan State University, East Lansing, “Where Do We Go From Here?: Toward a Critical Race English Education”

Honorable Mention: Jon M. Wargo, “Designing More Just Social Futures or Remixing the Radical Present? Queer Rhetorics, Multimodal (Counter)Storytelling, and the Politics of LGBTQ Youth Activism”

Tamara Butler, Michigan State University, East Lansing, “‘We Need a Song’: Sustaining Critical Youth Organizing Literacies through World Humanities”

Christian Ehret, McGill University, Montréal, Québec, “Moments of Literacy Teaching and Learning in a Children’s Hospital: Affects, Textures and Temporalities”

Logan Manning, University of Texas, San Antonio, “Rewriting Struggles as Strength: Young Adult Reflections on the Significance of their High School Poetry Community”

Rebecca Lorimer Leonard, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, “Traveling Literacies: Multilingual Writing on the Move”

Gholnecsar Muhammad, Georgia State University, Atlanta, “In Search for a Full Vision: Writing Representations of African American Adolescent Girls”

Amy Stornaiuolo, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, ‘“Like Two Different Worlds”: Teachers’ Perspectives on Social Networking and Schooling”

Tisha Lewis, Georgia State University, Atlanta, “We txt 2 sty cnnectd: Digital literacies, Meaning-Making, and Activity Theory Systems between an African American mother and son.”

Honorable Mention: Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Wayne State University, Detroit, “Sustaining Culturally Responsive Discourse in Black and White: Negotiating Social Solidarities Through English Teacher Talk”

Jennifer Buehler, St. Louis University, “We Have a Culture of Failure Here”: Analyzing the Production of School Culture in an Urban High School.”

Honorable Mention: Marie H. Romanelli, “Exploring the Culture and Cognition of Outsider Literacy Practices in Adult Readers of Graphic Novels”

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