Late December Blog Wrap-Up - National Council of Teachers of English
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Late December Blog Wrap-Up

Member Megan Grandmont offers advice on Crafting and Conducting a Successful Socratic Seminar.

Member Molly Sutton Kiefer illustrates Storytelling through Music: An Israeli Folk Group Visits the Classroom.

In her efforts to help her DACA student, member Terri Pantuso concludes that educators have an obligation to help their marginalized students in Pedagogy + Advocacy = Pedagadvocating??

Explore the possibilities of the Dreams and Nightmares/Sueños y Pesadillas Project, also highlighted in the December 2017 Council Chronicle.

Member Chris Margolin addresses those Monday morning blues in Your Pseudo-Struggles and the Effect on Your Students.

In Defending Books, Smart, Brave Teachers, and the Kids’ Right to Read, Millie Davis pays tribute to Joan Bertin, former executive director of the National Coalition Against Censorship and winner of the 2017 NCTE National Intellectual Freedom Award.

Millie also recognizes Christina Berchini’s work that earned the 2017 NCTE National Intellectual Freedom Award Honorable Mention in The Work of Examining and Disrupting Whiteness and Privilege Is Unambiguously Urgent.

Lisa Fink continues her series about the Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing in Writing and Talk and The Relationship Between Writing and Reading.

Lu Ann McNabb highlights the reports of eleven policy analysts in What Happened in Your State this November?