Vote on April 2 for NCTE's Next Leaders
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Having a Say

Voting for our leaders is one of the most important things you get to do as a member.

Belonging to NCTE means your voice is amplified by more than 25,000 other voices across the country. When you use an NCTE position statement to support an instructional approach, you’re sharing a position backed by a national professional organization that carries the weight of peer review. When you attend our Annual Convention, you’re privy to a highly curated set of cutting-edge sessions selected by respected educators within our community. When you read our journals, you’re viewing content evaluated and edited by experts in the field. And all of these resources are made possible through the expertise and volunteer efforts of our elected leadership, members dedicated to the stewardship of our profession.

On April 2, elections open[1] for the NCTE Executive Committee, Section steering committees, and the Conference on English Education. Over the next few months, members will select the future leaders of these committees within the Council. And these committees continue to be hard at work making sure you have access to a rich membership experience all year long.

We make every attempt to reach every member. If you have an active email on file, you’ll receive your ballot via email. If you do not have an email on file or have elected not to receive email from us, your ballot will be mailed.

Starting today you can review the bios of all current candidates via these links.

  • The NCTE Executive Committee drives the decision making for the Council as a whole, and the Nominating Committee prepares a slate of candidates for Vice President, Representatives-at-Large, Trustees of the Research Foundation, and the new NCTE Nominating Committee.
  • The Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and College sections of NCTE each have steering committees that guide their Annual Convention planning and yearlong supports for their members. The nominating committees for each of these sections select the candidates for the next year.
  • The Conference on English Education Executive Committee guides meeting planning as well as yearlong supports for their members. Their Nominating Committee selects candidates for the next year.

We will send our first email with links to the ballots on April 2. (If you are a member of CEE, you will get a separate email on April 2 with that ballot.)  Once you have voted, we will not send any more reminders, so vote with that first email to cut down on messages!

The many volunteers on nominating committees who put these slates of candidates together contribute some of the most vital work of NCTE—the work of considering and ushering candidates for future office.

We are so fortunate to have so many exceptional members willing to take on these important leadership roles. I continue to be humbled by the opportunity to lead with them and appreciate YOU taking the time to vote for the next elected leaders of our organization.

[1] Elections also opened in early March for the Whole Language Umbrella. Elections take place at different times of year for different groups, but our biggest round of ballots goes out each spring.