Mid-February Blog Wrap-Up - National Council of Teachers of English
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Mid-February Blog Wrap-Up

In her Field Notes: Sharing Knowledge, Inspiring Growth, Emily Kirkpatrick praises the encouragement and sharing among NCTE members through their Twitter chats, conventions, and leadership teams. Emily encourages all members to vote in the upcoming March elections.

Feel free to attend or add to the growing list of Events to Celebrate the African American Read-In.

Member Pam Allyn, from the NCTE Standing Committee on Global Citizenship, shares suggestions in Teaching Compassion and Warm-Heartedness through the Read Aloud: A Pathway to a Hopeful World in the Company of Reader, Listener, and Text.

Member Susan Murphy replaces midterms with the YA Story Box Project in Authentic Assessment: Connecting YA Authors with Young Adults.

Members Marissa E. King and Karen Sheriff LeVan provide A Conference Framework to Champion Self-Advocacy.

In asking, Is My Child’s School Really Underperforming? Aileen Hower illustrates how school ratings do not always reflect the excellence of a school.

Millie Davis shares the Jason Reynolds interview with Trevor Noah in Mirrors and Windows and Books Like Me.

In When the Books Our Students Read Go to Hollywood, Millie Davis notes that MPAA ratings “are not ratings of educational value” and that teachers need to be prepared with the rationale for why the text, whether film or print, supports students and the curriculum.

Lisa Finks recommends books in Making Connections to AARI Books, Week 1 and Making Connections to AARI Books, Week 2.

Shalyn Getz lists Mentor Texts for Teaching Narrative Writing: Chapter Books and Mentor Texts for Teaching Narrative Writing: Picture Books, Short Stories, and More.

Lu Ann McNabb highlights reports filed by twenty policy analysts in What Happened in Your State This January.