Early December Blog Wrap-Up - National Council of Teachers of English
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Early December Blog Wrap-Up

Member Mary Styslinger suggests multiple reasons for Workshopping the Canon.  

In What Works? The Power of Formative Feedback in a Blended Classroom, member Macy Geiger provides screenshots of the comments she wrote in the Google Docs shared by her and her students.

Member Patricia L. Schall offers Tips on Writing a Good Letter to the Editor to encourage teacher and student voices “to be heard by a wider audience.”

As part of his “plan to keep the lessons I learned about policy, equity, and the power of student voice part of my practice,” member Bryan Christopher lists in When Learning Gets Personal, Part 5: The Graduation the five books he intends to use illustrating the challenges faced by undocumented students.

In Refusing Classroom Silence on Issues of Racism, member Holly Spinelli challenges her students to think and research issues of racism, cultural differences, and struggles in their community and country.

Student member Kaylin Upah suggests that in order to save the lives of our students, teachers need texts that demand action. Read her All-American Boys, All-American Teachers: Teaching What Matters Most in 2017.

In Authors Riffing on Why Books Saves Lives, Millie Davis shares the results of a survey given to students and quotes from Matt de la Peña, Jason Reynolds, and Laurie Halse Anderson, who served on a panel organized by the Standing Committee Against Censorship at the 2017 NCTE Annual Convention.

Lisa Fink continues her series on the Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing with Writing Is a Process and Writing Is a Tool for Thinking.